Our Story

My name is Cyrill, owner, creative director, mother of two boys and the soccer mom of “Flash”, a soccer player. I guess you’re wondering where he got the nickname “Flash”. His teammates gave it to him because he is quick on his feet.

After practice each week, Flash would say to me on our drive home “Please mom, I need cool shirts to wear during practice and at Soccer Tournaments.” Why son I asked? He replied, “I want people to know who I am when I am walk on the field.”

Every Mom wants to keep their kid happy so of course I begin to make him cool soccer t-shirts to wear to his soccer practice and soccer tournaments .When wearing the t-shirts his smile was captivating. His confidence begin to grow more and more each week. He made many new friends and worked daily to master his defender position. I was am and still so proud of the great player he is today.

It was a seven day trip to Florida for a Soccer Tournament that changed 
everything for me. I designed three customized soccer saying t-shirts to wear. Surprise to me, he wore them everywhere. When people saw him wearing the shirts, they all wanted one for themselves, a team mate,a sibling, etc... and so I created Soccer Teez.